Felt paintings

These paintings are created using wisps of dyed wool fibres in the same way as brushstrokes of paint. The fibres are then felted together using soapy water and friction until they form a fabric. Fine details are sometimes added using a barbed needle.

There is a time-lapse video of the process elsewhere on the website.


  1. Hi Heather, I don’t have a price list as such because all of the pictures on my website are either commissions or have been in an exhibition. The ones that have been exhibited have very expensive frames with UV-protective reflection-control glass. They are also quite large pieces. If there is one you particularly like, I could let you know the price in the existing frame or I could work out a price without the frame and you could get it re-framed to suit. I could also do a commission for you at any size.
    Thank-you so much for your interest and kind words about my work!

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